Script Development Groups

Writing can be a lonely task. These sessions give participants the chance to meet like-minded people from all different walks of life with fresh eyes and minds to bounce your ideas off.

Attend weekly sessions to develop your scripts and ideas. You can work at your own pace and set your own goals. However, your script consultant is there to help guide you and make suggestions of where to go next.

The sessions are designed to keep you motivated, network with other writers and most importantly to enjoy writing and to be inspired by others writing.

Regardless of what stage you’re at with your script you can submit work each session for feedback, for example, a 1-page treatment, section of your script or a step outline.

The groups are a mixture of people who have been writing for some time and new recent participants from our previous introduction courses.

Throughout the year our ‘live’ groups invite actors into read sections of your work. These sessions are fantastic as they give you writing deadlines, a chance to hear your work come alive and to meet local actors.

Online Script Development Groups 

Next Block

Monday 4th September 8-10pm


Thursday 7th September 6-8, 7-9 & 8-10pm

We recommend you email in advance to ensure eligibility

Please note that the sessions book very quickly.

Sessions Outline

These informal script development sessions as designed to support and encourage your writing. Whether you are developing an idea or want feedback on your script the sessions will give you an opportunity to move forward and challenge your writing.

The key to sessions is that they motivate you, keep you writing and break the loneliness of writing.

These sessions are for enthusiastic writers only.

The groups are kept small so that everyone’s work will be discussed each session.

For more details – Online GroupThursday Manchester

Saturday Sessions

These are one-off sessions designed to get a group of writers together to share their work, ideas, problems, and obstacles. In turn, you’ll receive feedback and encouragement.

We offer afternoon sessions and our All day script development lock in’s, where you have the opportunity to write, feedback and workshop your scripts and ideas.

Saturday 29th July £69 – includes  refreshments and lunch

***These sessions are only for people with previous experience. You must have either attended one of Scriptwriting North’s courses or have attended a course elsewhere. ***

To find out if you are eligible contact us.