Webinar Introduction Course

Scriptwriting North now offers online classroom  courses and groups so you can attend in your pyjamas’s any where in the country – even the world!

Our 6 week introduction course is a weekly evening course, where you login and join your tutor and fellow fledgling writers online.

This 6 week course is designed to both give you the theory and tools necessary to begin writing but also the opportunity to put this into practice.
By the end of the 6 weeks you will have pitched, planned and written your own short film. The 6 weeks are intensive and enjoyable.


Starts Tuesday July 25th 8-10pm online group

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6 sessions
Who is it for?

Anyone Interested in writing. The sessions will hopefully help you in all mediums of writing. Writing for screen is like learning a new instrument. Regardless of what forms you’ve written in before (or not) these sessions will help you think about your ideas in more detail and give you ways to get them on paper.

You do not need to have written to before to benefit from these sessions. They are designed for new writers.

What will it cover

You will be introduced to thinking about structure,character,dialogue and formatting. You will be assisted to write your own short film (you do not need to have anything prepared inadvance).

Week 1: Introduction to structure and character.
Week 2: Ideas -Getting started
Week 3: Planning
Week 4: Beginnings
Week 5: Middle’s
Week 6: The End


The sessions (webinars) are delivered through Cisco Webex. In advance of the course commencing you will be given a unique login to the group. The sessions are live and particpants are very much active parts of the sessions, providing and receiving feedback.
The sessions will be recorded so you can review your feedback.

You need to have internet access and a webcam.

These sessions are NOT prerecorded they are live classroom sessions.

6 Week Script Development Group 

After completion of our introduction course you are eligible to join our more experienced writers groups. The 6 week development groups are an opportunity to develop your writing further in a forum environmnent. You can work at your own pace and will be steered by the facilitor as to what to do next with the development of your script. Current participants are writing short films, TV series and films. It’s a great chance to share ideas, keep motivated and build a portfolio of work.

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“Beth’s 6 week introduction course was exactly what I needed. In the past when I had an idea for a short film in my head I couldn’t think of how to get started, take it from idea to finished script. But by the end of the class, after just 6 weeks, I had my first draft done.

The group was small enough that I felt I knew everyone by the end, and the online platform really didn’t feel like a hinderance at all, in fact I really grew to like it – we could all see and hear each other, and being online meant that I could do it from wherever was most convenient, sometimes at my office or from home, wherever I was at the time.

The tuition was always clear and Beth was always willing to answer questions. however simple or basic they might have seemed. The course is really from the ground up, all the nuts and bolts you need to write a screenplay. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn scriptwriting skills and fancies doing it in a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment”

W. Saunders