Webinar Sessions

Online Script Development Groups

We run weekly and fortnightly online script writers group where you can get feedback on developing ideas and scripts. Our next block of sessions start on Monday 9th November.

You can book for one session or a block of sessions.

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Online 1-2-1 Script Consultant Sessions

Groups might not be your thing or you may want support alongside the groups. These sessions are bespoke and you will meet with your consultant online to discuss and develop your idea/ script. In advance of the sessions you will work out what your needs and requirements are, you’ll receive script notes, an online meeting and a recording of your session.

For more details click here or email beth@scriptwritingnorth.co.uk to discuss your requirements.


I’ve had an interest in writing for many years although mainly various forms of technical writing.  Being an avid cinema goer and having read various books on the subject of film, I decided to search out some support in developing a script, initially as an exercise.   I arranged a few sessions with her to critique what I had been working on.  One of the key benefits was speed so that rather than committing to a full course, most probably interrupted by my day job, it would allow for more concentrated input.  Beth gave me constructive feedback that allowed me to develop an understanding of structure, character and plotting that was unclear from the initial drafts.  These sessions with Beth not only gave me the impetus to develop further but also resulted in two commended awards from competitions that I subsequently entered.  “


6 Week Introduction To Scriptwriting For Screen – Online

This a online version of our ‘in the flesh’ course’. These are live sessions, with live real people! You get to login and meet your tutor each week and meet your fellow writers. You’ll get mini lectures, writing exercises and feedback on your work – plus the sessions are recorded so you can go back and rewatch the sessions.

Our next course starts Wednesday 7th June 8-10pm